Lisa Stel

The food on our plate has a story to tell. Our collective food choices have a huge impact on our health, our planet and all earth inhabitants.

Lisa Stel is an entrepreneur, author, consultant and founder of Lisa goes Vegan and Smarter Food Choices. Through her platform Lisa goes Vegan, Lisa aims to demonstrate how a transition to a more plant-based food pattern/diet can have a profound and positive impact on matters such as animal & human welfare, reducing carbon footprint, circularity and the environment in general. With her enterprise Smarter Food Choices, she provides guidance to professional food service operators such as caterers, festivals, company restaurants and governmental institutions on offering a more sustainable food supply. Lisa loves thinking outside the box and she’s always up for new challenges. Besides her two award winning cookbooks, she was listed several times as one of the top 100 Dutch Sustainable Young Entrepreneurs.