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1 December 2022 at Theater Amsterdam


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18.00 - 19.30

Drinks and light dinner


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Be inspired as new TEDx talks are created. Your ticket also includes drinks, light dinner, entertainment and a market showcasing women empowerment organisations who are striving to create an impact.

An evening full of
ideas worth spreading. food, drinks & networking. inspirational speakers. exciting entertainment.


Press(ing) Issues: Fact or Fiction

How we see the world is dependent on the eyes of journalists rather than us actually seeing the world. Is this view biased, subjective, or unbalanced?

What stories are not being chosen to be covered in the media and news that should be, particularly those that affect women and issues that matter to women’s lives?

Social media is allowing the reach of news to be more personal and enabling us to respond to people in the news via their sites and blogs.  How is this effecting girls and women, their self-image, mental health and aspirations for the future? How does it affect our view of the world and is social media allowing more misogynistic behaviour?

What stories should be heard more, less, differently, or not at all across any type of media?

Everyone has a story. What is your story and how should your story be heard?

TEDxAmsterdamWomen will focus on these ideas in 2022 and find out how we as women can hope to change the way women are represented in the news and any form of media.

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