What is TEDxAmsterdam Women?

There are many avenues to make the world a more equal and equitable place. The concept behind TED is to share ideas that are eye opening and make you think; that make you see something slightly differently, to then spread that idea, creating awareness and from there change will happen.

TEDxAmsterdam Women organizes events in Amsterdam that provide people of any gender, from all walks of life, with the stage to inspire with original ideas worth spreading: ideas that help, support, empower and impact women in society and the workplace, with the long-term purpose to increase equality of all aspects.

This change can not be created by one person alone, but it happens because people see how others are starting to put their ideas into action.  This inspires others to create new ideas and make more changes.  Our stage is a safe place where this awareness starts and step by step, together, we will achieve our equality goals.

Our theme for 2023: DeCoding the Future

Society runs on codes that govern how we see things, how we work, how society functions. But these codes aren’t equal for everyone. And, when inequality is coded into our society, we must de-code it, break the norms, and re-write them for a more equal tomorrow. 

This year, TedxAmsterdam Women will take you on a journey to identify these codes, find ways to uncover them, to change them; break them, and build equality despite them. We’ll look at ways to decode success, too, and the various codes that women have used to be successful in spite of societal codes.

The present needs decoding. Our future needs re-coding. And together, we can create better codes in our today to avoid having to fix them in our tomorrow.

Our team

We are a team of professional and motivated women and men who dedicate their free time and energy to make a difference with the help of our sponsors. Working together, we support each other, promoting ideas to support you, the public, to live in a more equal and balanced environment.

Partnerships team

Speaker Prep team

Talent Night team

Branding & Communications team

Curation team

Production team

Brain Trust

The TEDxAmsterdam Women Brain Trust consists of a group of senior individuals who act as advisors to the organizer(s) of TEDxAmsterdam Women.  They are prized for their expertise in their field.  These advisors are diverse in nature and come from a variety of industries and backgrounds, to ensure correct representation of the public.

Our Brain Trust members are:

  • Gervaise Coebergh
  • Jessika Lynch
  • Rosanna Nazir
  • Marian Spier
  • Emmy Stoel
  • Anne van der Zwaag

What is TEDxWomen?

TEDxWomen is a global U.S. led annual conference that specifically focuses on the unique way in which women contribute to global change and thus help to reshape the future.

In December 2010, Amsterdam hosted one of the first TEDxWomen events in the world, and as an independent local affiliate of this group, it became known as TEDxAmsterdam Women.

Since then, TEDxAmsterdam Women has produced and delivered a stunning and inspiring conference every year, bringing forth well-known and critically acclaimed speakers such as Mei Lin Ang, Steve McCurry, Mariéme Jamme, Harriette Verweij, Naomi Feil, Sarah Britton, Corrine Vigreux, Olivia Bee, Lex Peters, Kelly Cutrone, Paul Zak, Marieke Eyskoot, Bénédicte Ficq and Lauren Zander.

TEDxAmsterdam Women events are not subsidized and are run on the enthusiasm of our sponsors and volunteers.

We invite you to read more about TEDTEDxTEDxWomen and especially TEDxAmsterdamWomen.

Find out more about how you too can be part of this campaign for change.