Alissa Rees

Simple thoughts and ignored emotions are my biggest inspiration, I design for that moment of believing that we are in the right place.

Alissa Rees is a concept designer and has a special interest in healthcare design. She finds solutions with a poetic touch. Rees graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2017 with twenty concepts to humanise the hospital. The concepts concerned communication, mobility, atmosphere, mental distraction and balance. Rees creates valuable concepts and solutions for municipalities and companies in different areas. She presented her work in cities as Milan, Paris, Rome, Dubai and Las Vegas and in several TV-shows. Her product the IV-Walk, a portable IV-pole that stimulates mobility, won multiple awards such as the Impact in healthcare Award 2018 and Accenture innovation Award 2017. Rees applies her unique way of thinking also in her profession as a speaker, short video director and design teacher.