Talent Night Finalists 2022

Talent Night Finalists 2022

Our team reviewed all the applications and chose 20 shortlisted candidates who received a workshop from our Talent Night Coach, Barbara.  The candidates submitted their 2-minute video pitches which have been carefully studied and 10 finalists have been selected to join us on 30th September when they pitch their idea to compete for a place on our main stage, and to win the coveted prize of a year-long mentorship from the NN group who are our main Talent Night sponsor.

Below you will find the video pitches from the finalists, together with the topic under which their talk falls.

Please watch and listen to these videos. Let us know which ones you like by liking your favorite pitch.  You can like it because you like the idea and find it an idea worth spreading – it has made you want to hear more, does the idea make you think in a different way, does the idea want you to talk to you friends about it?  We watch how many likes each video receives as it helps us understand what topics matter to you.  Our candidates are also interested to see what our audience thinks of their idea.  

Registrations for joining the Talent Night event online is now available.  


Sex Education

Cult Culture


Mental Health

Maternal Status

Race and Psychology

Modern Families

Career-Oriented Mothers

Climate Change