The Power of the red dot: TEDxAmsterdam Women Announces Talent Night 2024

Amsterdam, 14 March 2024

TEDxAmsterdam Women is thrilled to announce the launch of Talent Night 2024, inviting individuals, with little or no public speaking experience, an opportunity to present their ideas.

At Talent Night, we believe that everyone has a story to tell, a talent to share, and a voice that deserves to be heard. Each year, we seek to amplify often unheard voices, offering a platform for individuals with little or no experience in public speaking to showcase their ideas in a captivating 5-minute presentation. During these 5 minutes, they strive to convince the jury and the audience of their TED-worthy idea. This Talent Night is a moment for you to get ready for a future TED speech or talk. We empower individuals through coaching to develop new skills that will enrich their lives indefinitely. The winner will get the chance to stand on the main TEDxAmsterdam Women stage and craft their own TED talk.

Let’s Celebrate Women, Diversity, and the Unseen

Under the theme ‘Let’s Celebrate’, this year’s Talent Night aims to spotlight the stories, achievements, and experiences that deserve to be celebrated and shared. In addition to the theme, we look for ideas that touch on one of the TED pillars – Technology, Entertainment, Design, Global Issues, Business, Entrepreneurship, Art & Music, Science or Sustainability.
“We believe in the transformative power of ideas,” says Aleksandra, Head of Talent Night at TEDxAmsterdam Women. “Talent Night is not just about sharing ideas; it’s about igniting conversations, challenging norms, and inspiring change. We encourage everyone with a groundbreaking, heartwarming, or innovative story to step forward and seize this opportunity.”

A Platform for Emerging Voices

Previous year, Lies Oudemans captivated audiences with her winning Talent Night talk, earning a coveted spot on the famous “red dot” at the TEDxAmsterdam Women Main Event in front of an audience of more than 900 people. You can watch her talk at official TED Talks channel.

Join us for Talent Night 2024

Applications for Talent Night 2024 are now open!

This is your chance to share your story idea worth spreading, spark change and make an
impact. Apply now and be part of an unforgettable evening of inspiration and celebration. For information and most importantly to apply, visit

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About TEDxAmsterdam Women
TEDxAmsterdam Women is a non-profit, non-political organization dedicated to amplifying women’s voices and promoting diversity and inclusion. Through events like Talent Night, Conversations, and our Main Event we strive to create a platform for meaningful dialogue and positive change by raising awareness.

For media inquiries, please contact: Karen Oldhoven
Head of Branding & Communications
TEDxAmsterdam Women

Join us as we celebrate the power of ideas worth spreading and the voices that shape our world.