Welcome to TEDxAmsterdamWomen

Welcome to TEDxAmsterdamWomen – prepare to be inspired

– prepare to be inspired

The Theme for 2021

ReThink – ReBoot – ReAct

Connecting with others during a pandemic was an important part of 2020.  But we need to continue to connect to ourselves, to others around us and start to rethink how those connections are made.  Reconsidering what we assume is correct will start us questioning whether some of our biases, that are unconscious, could be changed to create a more equal world.  

This year we are encouraging you to do just this.  Our Talent Night (1st October) and Main Event (1st Dec) will showcase people inspiring us to rethink the current norms, to help us trigger ideas that create a change, and give us the direction to not just react to situations, but ACT to make a difference.

Follow us on our socials and join our events – be inspired.