MissJourney's AI Revolution: Overcoming Bias in Tech

Reine Nader

Algorithmic bias is all to real, with plenty of AI models and programmes displaying outdated assumptions. To show how old biases are reflected in new technology, TEDxAmsterdam Women launched the Missjourney campaign to coincide with International Women’s Day 2023 powered by ACE to take a stand and highlight this crucial issue. is an alternative AI that generates artwork exclusively of women.

Since the beginning of time, man has ruled the world and women have been by their side with little to no recognition, limitations on ability and career mobility. Much has been accomplished by womens’ empowerment movements and initiatives and there’s a lot more to be done. However, when is comes to future technologies, lest we forget, the future is embedded and dependent on those core beliefs and norms built into our society and with that lies a great responsibility. 

The initiative

TEDxAmsterdam Women is set on ensuring that the future is inclusive and history does not repeat itself. 

Research has shown that when sending a query of the 100 most common occupations, less than 20% of the images generated by text to image AI tools show a woman. This is not an accurate representation of our society as it stands today and we must make a change.

“Bulk feeding” is the process by which artificial intelligence systems acquire and process large volumes of data, thereby increasing their knowledge and capabilities. However, if these systems are trained on data that contains societal biases, these biases may become further entrenched within the AI’s decision-making processes. 

This phenomenon, known as algorithmic bias, occurs when machine learning algorithms generate systematically biased results due to erroneous assumptions or skewed data inputs. It is important to recognize that technology can be biased, and there are numerous examples of this in practice. Nevertheless, the solution to this problem lies in identifying and mitigating biases within the data used to train AI systems. 

Assumptions, bias, and limitations for what women can be or do are hard-coded into our societies. That is why throughout 2023, TEDxAmsterdam Women will look into the possible ways to restructure these codes: led by our theme ‘DeCoding the future’.

AI – text to image is an alternative AI that generates artwork exclusively of women. Models based on image classification often rely upon datasets of thousands of images, as many of the applications for image classification require a high degree of accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence as it stands today requires massive amounts of data feeding in order to develop from its infancy stage. That is why initiatives and programmes like Missjourney are so important in our ever evolving digital world.

The campaign

Missjourney campaign has already received much scrutiny over the fact that it is female focused. That is intentional and not an error. Missjourney is deliberately biased to highlight a societal problem. 

Everyone notices and has something to say about a bias when it is solely female focused but when ads, subliminal messages, programs and corporations focus only on men, who notices that? Is that considered biased? Or the norm? 

That is the sad reality woven into our society. This Missjourney platform was built for change and highlights the problem playfully, unapologetically and loudly for all to notice, ponder on and decide to make a change. Its’ user-friendly interface allows just about anyone to contribute to its development.

The Solution

Artificial Intelligence is driving more technology by the moment, and the trend is certain to continue. When one feeds AI with updated information, the algorithm adjusts its internal parameters to improve its ability to make predictions or classify new data. 

Ultimately, the goal is to allow AI to process and generalise its learning towards new and unseen data allowing it to make accurate classifications in real world scenarios. 

If that is the way that AI operates, what are we waiting for? There are numerous examples of technology bias, but change begins with one single step.

AI needs YOU

YOUR input to Missjourney can change and shape the future. AI needs you to develop itself further. Missjourney aims to make a change by allowing as many people as possible to collectively feed AI, what is, and what could be in order to unlock a new world of digital possibilities.

Log into today and contribute to a facet of machine learning. YOU can be incharge of what tomorrow looks like for the next generation. Let’s strive to put an end to at least one aspect of technology bias. 

TEDxAmsterdam Women is spreading innovative ideas and actions. Take part today in our initiatives, talks, or salons where some of the most prominent tech organizations such as Deloitte will be present to intimately discuss and support such actions. 

This year’s Talent Night theme is ‘Decoding the Future’, with a focus on breaking free from the traditional codes that have shaped our society. Topics will explore innovative ideas that challenge the norm and pave the way for a more progressive future.

Ideas worth spreading will emerge of how to change the code, break it and build equality despite it all. Have you been inspired by Missjourney? Got an idea worth spreading? And want to take to the famous red spot? Sign up for Talent night today! 

Reine Nader

Reine Nader

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