TED Talks

TED Talks

Watch all the TED Talks from the TEDxAmsterdamWomen conferences.

Edition 2019

Watch the playlist of 2019 : TED Talks AmsterdamWoman 2019

Edition 2018

Watch the playlist of 2019 : TED Talks AmsterdamWoman 2018

Deputy Mayor Rutger Groot Wassink officially opens TEDxAmsterdamWomen 2018

Sjaan Flikweert – “Bridging the gap. Learning to listen”

Solar energy can be sexy, just ask Marjan van Aubel

Alice Wielinga: “Embracing our differences can enrich us as humanity.”

Dr. Sachiko Scheuing: bridging the gap between digital innovation and data privacy

How Minchenu Maduro reintegrates inmates with meaningful human contact

Jomecia bridges the gap between Africa and Europe in her dance performance

Jessica Gyasi mentors young models to focus on their inner beauty

Dr. Yamini J. Singh encourages us to do something about the gender gap in our cities

Bibian Mentel Spee: “Never ever stop dreaming and always keep following your passion.”

Roos Wattel helps us bridge the gap by making museums more accessible for deaf people

Ingrid van Engelshoven: Free choice is free of gender

Symone D. Sanders: Stop asking permission and start shaking things up

Nadia Nadim was told to choose between becoming a doctor or a footballer. She chose both

Edition 2016

Monique Maarsen 

Michelle Miller

Bénédicte Ficq

Ute Apfelstedt

Jori Meijer 

Aïscha Traïdia

Sjaron Minailo & Anat Spiegel

Gloria Wekker

Chagall van den Berg

Mariéme Jamme

Asma Mansour

Saumya Pandya Thakkar

Jan Ilhan Kizilhan