Talk like TED

Sure, going to a TEDx event or watching the videos online is great. The messages are powerful and inspiring and the speakers always aim to deliver them in such a natural, easy going fashion.

But how do they do it? Is great, inspirational public speaking a skill you are born with? Some sort of a magic talent that a few lucky ones just happen have and some will have to learn to live without? Or can normal people like you and me learn to give a short, inspiring personal talk that will not only get people thinking, but may even change their lives?

A matter of technique

Contrary to what you might think, public speaking is largely a matter of technique. Will we all be Simon Sinek? Probably not. Can we all learn to deliver our ideas in such a way that they will resonate and spark change? Yes, we can! And here’s a couple of resources that will get you started:

1. Learn from the master: Simon Sinek

Being an introverted, world renowned author and speaker Simon Sinek has a lot to conquer every time he steps on the stage. Yet, he has accrued over 22 million video views online. How he does it? Check out 7 of his best tips on

2. TEDEd on public speaking

Part of the bigger TED team is TEDed (Education), who also have a page on public speaking. This particular website deals mostly with non-verbal communication and contains some extremely useful tips.

3. TED Talks: The Official Guide

Do you want to know about the art and the science of giving truly memorable talks? Then, you probably need this book. Chris Anderson, curator of TED since 2000, wrote this book. It aims not to give you a template of how you should construct and execute your talk, but rather to put you in a state in which you tell your own story in a natural, personal way. This will teach you to create new, original presentations instead of mimicking the success of others.

4. Talk Like TED, the book

Chris Anderson’s book may be the official guide however Talk Like TED by Carmine Gallo seems to be the most popular choice on the subject. Widely praised, Talk Like TED, teaches you to give a presentation that is emotional, novel and memorable. Anderson calls this ‘the 3 unbreakable laws of communication’, as you can see from the presentation below.

5. More Gallo

For Forbes Magazine, Gallo also wrote an article called 9 Public-Speaking Lessons From The World’s Greatest TED Talks.

Good luck!

So, next time you are called upon for a presentation at work, a sales pitch for a client or a wedding toast, you know where to look for advice. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll see you on stage at a TED event someday.

Text by: Bouke Vlierhuis