Sharing is caring – Venopi is helping bridge the gap between people and places through spaces

TEDxAmsterdamWomen - Ivana Setiawan, Venopi

Business owners are eager to rent out their spaces after hours to make extra money. Companies and individuals want locations where they can work, hold meetings and celebrate. Startup Award finalist Venopi bridges the gap by bringing these two together on one online platform.

Venopi is an online marketplace where users can list their spaces for anyone to browse and book. Using the sharing economy model, existing businesses can make their spaces available for emerging businesses and entrepreneurs to rent on a short-term basis.

A great example of this working: a small business owner needed an industrial kitchen to fill a large baking order. Venopli helped her find the space and she could fill the order without having to break the bank.

Software developer and founder, Ivana Setiawan knows that sharing can change the world. “We are bridging the gap between people and places through spaces!”