Rens Kroes – If eating healthy is not a priority, what is?!

As an expert in the field of food and food coaching, Rens took the TEDxAmsterdamWomen stage and shared her personal journey and advice on healthy eating.

Rens grew up in a ‘green’ household with a grandfather -- “a Hipster ahead of his time,” as she fondly refers to him -- who he had an organic farm. To Rens, her grandfather was her inspiration, and his focus on healthy lifestyle practices filtered through her family. Health and nutrition were always part of their lives.

Because of this, nutrition was normalized, which created an implicit awareness about nutrition. But with everyone advocating the benefits of food, health and diet, there is one subject where many differ: What is healthy food.

To Rens, it is simple: healthy food is whole food that makes your body happy. Whole food, to her, means food that is unprocessed. But is there a ‘right way’ to eat whole food? And, for many of us, we struggle with resources -- such as time, money and support. So, how, after a long day, do we make choices that support our health?

Rens has three pieces of advice.

  1. Make the time to prepare your food. When you make your food, you can control what ingredients you use. This should be your number one priority in a healthy lifestyle!
  2. Money is not your enemy and you don’t need a lot to eat healthy. Rens’ parents, not rich themselves,  made eating healthy a priority (no matter their means). Eating healthy is possible, even on a limited budget.
  3. Get support: create a community who understand your goals, and are open-minded. Seek out people who actively support you on your health journey.

It can feel like a mountain but all you need to do is start climbing.

If eating healthy is not a priority, what is?! It’s a choice and it’s about having commitment. So, what choices are you making today?

Missed the event but still want to see Rens’ talk? Check out her TEDtalk here!