Overturn – The Turnover

We all woke up to a beautiful, sunny day! It was as if the universe felt that we were going to shine today and this year, at the Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen TEDxAmsWomen took place to the theme overturn.

The turnover, an important switch in our life which leads us to our goals, held strong stories and a rich space for learning. Including, how to set your goals in order to bridge the gap between your present and future self; how to listen to your inner voice and, most importantly, follow your heart. Nestled in comfortable, velvet seats in the Maxima Zaal, our guests let the stories, music and dance wash over them.

Once again we were joined by speakers from all over the world, unafraid to be honest and generous with their personal tales. One-by-one, each took the stage to share their unique story, but with a shared goal: make this life better by spreading ideas and engaging others to think differently. They illustrated how they live boundlessly in the present and face the future head on. And, they shared how their continued faith in their own capabilities helps to define their path forward.

And, if that wasn’t enough, we were moved (perhaps to tears) by the mind-blowing dancers and performers who taught us how to be in the present.

Our three Startup Award finalists were very excited to get on stage to give their talk. It was a true battle of words as they all fought bravely to win this year’s award and take that step to actualize their dream. And we couldn’t be prouder and more excited of this year’s winner: CloudCuddle’s Lotte Leufkens!

In the break next to the lovely, delicious bites & drinks, was also the place to enjoy beautiful conversations and to discuss about the shared information, to meet old and new friends.

At the close of the event, all speakers, coaches and volunteers took the stage to celebrate the month’s of hard work.  That feeling, that together we are strong, is powerful. And we are proud! Proud to be a part of an amazing group of inspiring women, where the ideas are definitely a joy worth spreading!

TEDxAmsterdamWomen image by Maurice Mikkers