Meet the TEDxAmsterdamWomen Team: Jolien Siemerink

Jolien SiemerinkWe’re a pretty lively bunch here at TEDxAmsterdamWomen — vibrant and various from marketers to writers and event organizers! What do we share in common beyond our magic charm and sparkling good looks?! We are all passionate about creating a mind-blowing and life-changing event for women. Meet Jolien Siemerink, Head of TEDxAmsterdamWomens’ Social Team.

What is the biggest change, at a personal level, you’ve experienced to-date?

I found out that I love – and need – to work out a lot. This includes challenges like running (distance) /hiking (distance), surf and travel ( is a constant -work in progress- project of mine). Mental and physical ‘work outs’ balance my curiosity and passion for everything in my very digital minded career.

What gap do you aspire to bridge for yourself? 

Right now, I am working to bridge a gap between the energy I get from working in digital marketing (in a function at the core of marketing innovation), and my love of sport challenges and travel adventures. To me, this is a huge gap between being online and offline. And, I like to do both in extremes.

Which words define or confine you? 

So I actually had to ask a friend how to answer this question, which I recommend everyone do every now and again. It’s a fun conversation! The ruling is: I am a driven go-getter who does not like to be confined to any [name something]-girl sort of box.

Are you feminist or feminine? And why?

Definitely both. I am a feminine feminist. I don’t think you should have to be either/or. Feminism, to me, is about equality on every level.

How do you identify with this year’s theme?

The and/or question of Turn Over – Over Turn. I believe you do not have to choose and that is the strength in feminism. So I wanted to contribute to this (and to me) very important message in the Netherlands. You can be sexy and smart; you can be delicate yet powerful; you can be feminine ánd a feminist. You can be a career women or a stay at home mom, if that is your choice. Everybody makes their own life choices and in that there is strength and in this we should support each other.

What is your favourite TED Talk and why? 

My favourite talks are always changing as new TED talks are created. But Chris Burkard’s ‘The joy of surfing in ice-cold water’ is one of my lasting favourites. He is so passionate about his subject. Burkard found something he seriously loved doing and (literally) dove into it and lets us enjoy his passion alongside him, through his beautiful photo art.