Meet the TEDxAmsterdamWomen team: Charlotte Grotenhuis

TEAM CHARLOTTE GROTENHUISWe’re a pretty lively bunch here at TEDxAmsterdamWomen — vibrant and various from marketers to writers and event organizers! What do we share in common beyond our magic charm and sparkling good looks?! We are all passionate about creating a mind-blowing and life-changing event for women. Meet Charlotte Grotenhuis, part of TEDxAmsterdamWomens’ Partnership Team.

What is the biggest change, at a personal level, you’ve experienced to-date?

This question is a little to interpret without context, but in a professional sense;

The biggest change I have experienced is to no longer focus on improving my mediocre skills but concentrate on developing my unique skills to excellent.

As a medior in my career I have always been challenged on improving my ‘fives’ to ‘ sixes’ but I now feel I leave,  whatever competence its required and I lack, to others and I put my energy in upgrading my ‘ eights’ in to ‘nines’.

What gap do you aspire to bridge for yourself? 

The gap of feeling confident in what I do, the acknowledgement I get and the contribution I make

Which words define or confine you? 

Perfectionist, open, straight forward, honest and determent

Are you feminist or feminine? And why?

I think I am in my own way, as is everyone else. The difference between men and woman is that we are not inclusive neither are we exclusive, the same goes for a topic as feminism. As far as being feminine goes, as last year’s speaker Michelle Miller, I am a product of masculine society and upbringing, finding femininity within myself and accepted by peers is a challenge on its own.

How do you identify with this year’s theme?

Change is the only constance in life, we long for it as much as we fight it. So it will always be a red line in my life. Both professionally as personally, relationship change over time, through influences and experiences. The ones that change with us are the relationships that will last the longest but none are everlasting.

What is your favorite TED Talk and why? 

My favourite Ted talk is Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, I have it on a post it on my desk to remind me that if I do and create from within, with passion and purpose, everything else will follow.