Main Event Speakers

Meet the Speakers

Chanel Matil Lodik coached by Jessika Lynch  

Neurodiversity and Autism

Rosalinde Leijdekker coached by Fleur Schiffelers and Emma Stoks

A Letter to Rutte

Alissa Rees coached by Maartje van Bavel

Humanize Healthcare

Roeltje van de Sande Bakhuyzen coached by Fleur Schiffelers

Ode to Getting Naked 

Lisa Stel coached by Eva Wilms

Vegan and a Better World

Dina-Perla Portnaar coached by Maria Punch 

Integration and Society

Sophie-Anne Onland coached by Barbara Rogoski 

Flaw is Strength

Kristel de Groot coached by Maartje van Bavel 

Female Friendly Workplace 

Sterrin Smalbrugge coached by Fleur Schiffelers

Taxonomic Chauvinism

Busi Sizani coached by Jessika Lynch  

Diversity and Inclusion vs. Equity