KOVACS closes TEDxAmsterdamWomen in style

TEDxAmsterdamWomen - Kovacs

To say that musician Sharon Kovacs, better known as KOVACS, is an enigmatic phenomenon is an understatement. Her wicked allure and strong voice are a force to be reckoned with. This powerful individual was the perfect artist to close TEDxAmsterdamWomen 2018.

Her EP called ‘My Love’ was an instant hit in Europe. It was no surprise that her debut album ‘Shades Of Black’ was extremely successful as well and hit the charts in over 35 countries. Not to mention it hit #1 in the Netherlands, where she was born. With over sixty million YouTube views, a modelling contract with Viva Paris and numerous awards, KOVACS is on the verge of becoming one of the biggest pop stars of the moment. Her second album ‘Cheap Smell’, is one of the most open, honest and inspired future-soul albums of the decade. KOVACS is determined to always find the positive in life’s toughest turns, bridge the gap at every corner.

KOVACS’ voice has such a unique sound and you can clearly tell by her lyrics that she has stories to tell. Combine this with her distinct and charismatic personality, and you’ve got a performance that was the perfect ending for this perfect day, which brought together hundreds of inspirational women.