Jeanette ten Kate – Art reflects our current ‘time spirit.’

Art shows, in a daring way, where we stand in time. By observing and identifying art from an ‘across time’ perspective, we can map society’s movement through time, and find identity in today’s world.  During her TEDxAmsterdamWomen 2017 talk, Jeannette walked-the-talk with inspiring examples of art -- both in the past and present.

Throughout her talk, Jeanette stressed that while what you’re doing today will soon be ‘last season,’ art remains. It is sustainable. This fact has nothing to do with the art itself. It has to do with the nature of art. Art gives form to the time spirit and, therefore, remains.

Art challenges us to search for the hidden message and, once found, gives connection or reward. But, Jeannette urged us to look past the one particular image within a work to seek the energy, or spirit, of the piece. If you are able to do this, a new message will be revealed.

We often wonder why certain artists become famous. And, Jeanette’s answer is crystal clear. Artists who rise to fame have managed to capture the spirit and emotion of their time. People can relate, recognize and connect with the piece. For example, Andy Warhol’s PopArt style, created after WWII. To many, Andy’s work was an accurate depiction of the era’s energy. Or, as Jeannette labels it, ‘ time spirit.’

Capturing the time spirit isn’t quick or easy. It requires deep reflection and introspection, including asking questions such as, ‘Where are we now? Are we refugees, are we being attacked, what are the threats? And how does art react?’ Many artists from the 60’s focused on nature -- a timely answer to the their current world.

But generational youth bring new things. Today, art is being used in varying combinations: Art&Fashion, Art&Design, Art&Food. Jeanette suggests, Art&Science and Art&Tech will quickly follow! So keep your eyes open!


Missed the event but still want to see Jeanette’s talk? Check out her TEDtalk here!