Closure helps relatives close the digital lives of those that pass away

TEDxAmsterdamWomen - Closure

“Everyone in this audience will lose someone.” This is how Startup Award finalists Graciëlla van Hamersveld and Chantal van der Velde started their pitch. And they are right, death is a part of life but that fact doesn’t make it any easier when someone passes away.

Closure aims to bridge the gap by making the practicalities of death easier – helping to terminate the electricity, telephone, ov-chipcard, magazines, newspapers, insurances, charity, and social media accounts of those that have passed away.

Do you realize that you probably have more than 30 accounts connected to your name? For family members that have lost someone, closing these accounts can take hours and forces family members to face the lost over and over again. On top of that, if you wait too long, companies will keep charging you.

Graciëlla and Chantal have personal experience with the time-consuming and emotional process of completing a digital legacy, which has inspired them to establish Closure. Closure is the central contact point for relatives and for companies, saving costs and painful confrontation in an often emotional time and all with just one click.