Bridging the Gap: “The more diverse our workforce is, the better equipped we are to deal with change.”

TEDxAmsterdamWomen - Dailah Nihot

NN Group, one of the largest financial companies in the Netherlands, is one of those influential businesses that values equality, sustainability and an inclusive culture.

We caught up with Dailah Nihot, member of the Management Board of NN Group, to find out her thoughts on diversity, inclusion, and teaming up with TEDxAmsterdamWomen as a platinum partner.

Why do you support our movement?
“We appreciate your movement’s optimistic approach and your focus on taking action. The platform you have created gives people the opportunity to inspire others to join in actively shaping the future. Within our company, we also want to celebrate talent, and invite people to share their ideas. Furthermore, we value your ‘go for it’ mentality, which makes you a strong force for change! We much look forward to the partnership and the event!”

What do you do to bridge the gap within NN?
“We pay a lot of attention to addressing this topic. For example, by appointing more young women in senior positions, such as recently our chief actuary. Or by looking at equal pay and making sure there are enough women in our talent pool. We have a higher number of women in senior positions than in the past, but we are not yet where we want to be. That is why we have set concrete targets, aiming for 50% female candidates when recruiting for management roles, and meeting the 30% ambition for senior leadership. But all people at NN should feel respected and valued for who they are, no matter what background, age or gender. Change is a certain factor in our lives, also in the financial sector, and the more diverse our workforce is – providing variety in thought, skills and experience, the better equipped we should be for whatever tomorrow brings.”

What is your personal view on the subject?
“When my grandmother was born, women in the Netherlands did not yet have the right to vote… this never ceases to amaze me. So, a lot has been achieved within a couple of generations, and although I know we still have a long road ahead of us, I prefer to look at positive change. On taking steps, and on stimulating courage… to be visible, to show ambition, to let your voice be heard. To create space for talent, we should focus on moving forward, on seizing opportunities and building on the legacy of those who came before us – not only on what might be holding us back.”

TEDxAmsterdamWomen supports NN on how they actively try to bridge the gap and their positive approach. We can’t wait to join forces in this Platinum Partnership, as we share the same mission.

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