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Bridging the Gap: “Diversity helps companies become more flexible, creative, open and fun”

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TEDxAmsterdamWomen - Bridging the Gap - Facebook

Facebook doesn’t need an introduction. With over 2 billion users the social media platform has permanently changed the way we connect with each other. We caught up with Dorianne Richelle, Group Director at Facebook and responsible for partnerships with companies in travel, retail and fashion. We talked about her thoughts on diversity, inclusion, and teaming […]

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Leila Janah – Big companies need to give work not just aid

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Leila Janah starts with a hopeful fact: the world is getting better. Yet, she points out, deep poverty is the root cause of many issues, including lack of clean water, deaths during childbirth and over 2 billion people who are without access to sanitary living conditions. The informal economies are where people live and work […]