Anna Nooshin – Comparing yourself to others is a waste of time

With the start of her business - the webzine NSMBL - Anna Nooshin completely changed our experience with and the meaning of fashion & style magazines. Even with a successful business, years of experience and amazing results, she struggled to articulate why she was special. And wondered, ‘Why is it easier to say what we don’t like about ourselves than say what makes us special?’

In an attempt to help herself stand for her own ‘specialness,’ Anna listed 3 points that make her special:

  1. I do not let my past define me. Even growing up with domestic abuse, loss of my mother’s entire family to an earthquake, and helping my stepfather who is currently battling cancer, it is not who I am today.
  2. I am flawed, but that’s ok. I try to be more vulnerable; yet, find it difficult to ask people for help. I want to teach myself to be more open.
  3. I think anything is possible in life. I hate the word luck. Growing up, it felt like insult. But now, I don’t think luck is a bad word. And, I’m lucky to know what I want in life and always dream big.

Getting on stage and delivering a TEDtalk brought our Anna’s vulnerability. She openly expressed her insecurity with not having a scientific talk, backed by statistics. But with her heartfelt story, she has shown us you don’t necessary need to be a scientist to make an impact. And she left us with a small piece of advice: “I had the misfortune, or fortune, to have experienced things in life. Heavy things like death. And I know what it’s like to have nothing and to, now, have everything. But, when you feel insecure, just remember: you are either comparing yourself to someone else -- which is a waste of your time -- or you have too many options in life.”  

Missed the event but still want to hear Anna’s talk? Check out her TEDtalk here!