Alice Wielinga: “Embracing our differences can enrich us as humanity.”

TEDxAmsterdamWomen - Alice Wielinga

Alice Wielinga is not your ordinary photographer. Her work is an imaginative blend of documentaries, art and commercial photography. “I am an artist,” she states on the TEDxAmsterdamWomen stage.

To Alice being an artist it means willing to search, to understand the world that we live in, grasp what’s essential and try to visualize that. “Go out, taste, feel and smell life. That is when you can paint life.”

In 2014, she started her first project in North Korea. She started a visual conversation using local propaganda and her own photographs. “Propaganda are not lies. They are about ideals, hope and dreams.”

During her second project she went beyond being an outsider. She collaborated with six other artists from North Korea, asking them to visualize what it means to be an artists.

Alice joined the artists on North Korean mountain and they created art together – connecting through art. “We work in a different context but we share our commitment, drive and passion. In today’s world, where polarization grows, I hope that my work can remind us that differences can enrich us. I hope it helps people see behind the binaries and see what we have in common.”

Alice concludes: “Next time you see artwork, realize that each artist is different and has a different world view but we are all human. Embracing our differences can enrich us as humanity.”