Startup Award Location 2017

Every year, TEDxAmsterdamWomen tries to find the most inspiring and innovative locations to host the Startup Award. Not just another meeting room or office, but a fun, versatile, exciting setting to enhance our competition.

Previous locations have included the incredible Nemo Science Museum and Google’s TQ. This year continues our tradition of inspiring locations. We couldn’t be happier to host the 2017 Startup Award at The Edge, Deloitte’s head office.

Opened in 2015 as the world’s most innovative and sustainable office, The Edge quickly garnered international recognition and attention for it’s unique use of technology. Dubbed the most complete use and implementation of the Internet of Things, this incredible Amsterdam-based office is the perfect location for our event.

We cannot wait to welcome you at this year’s TEDxAmsterdamWomen Startup Award.
See you on September 25th!