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‘You are stronger than you think you are’

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Appearing in great big letters on the powerpoint behind host Carine de Meyere, the words ‘You are stronger than you think you are’ succinctly encapsulate the emotion in the room at the event Friends of TEDxAmsterdamWomen in the lovely Andaz Hotel. The first TEDxAmsterdamWomen-event of the year, held 17th April, 2018, presented volunteers and guests alike […]

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Leila Janah – Big companies need to give work not just aid

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Leila Janah starts with a hopeful fact: the world is getting better. Yet, she points out, deep poverty is the root cause of many issues, including lack of clean water, deaths during childbirth and over 2 billion people who are without access to sanitary living conditions. The informal economies are where people live and work […]